Sunflower Energy

선플라워에너지는 대만 CWT사와 러시아 RMT사의 국내 대리점입니다.


Since an establishment of Sunflower Energy Co.,Ltd in 2009

Launching Power Adapter as a representative of Channel Well Technology (CWT) in Taiwan. Achieves a successful market sharing and Expands variable Power applications.

Launching Micro TEC/TEG as a representative of RMT in Russia.
We’re now Tier 1 TEC supplier in the telecommunication market.

Now most important thing is we’re changing into R&D company of Solar LED solutions applying to the path, wooden decks, gardens, parks and bridges etc.

We’ll always work hard on your anticipations for mutual prosperity and growth. We’re with you doing our best to provide eco-friendly products, high-efficiency products and low cost products.

Tomorrow always open for us.

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